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  • Terissa Skinner-Ballantyne

Beef and Dumplings Stew

If we're talking homey, hearty and comforting foods then I have just the recipe for you. This is one of my fav recipes due to its simplicity and amazing flavors. After a tough day at work a lot of times I don't have the energy to whip up some complex meal, but my taste buds still require something with that star quality it has grown to expect and love. This tends to do the job: thick chunks of beef, soft savory dumplings, melt in your mouth potatoes all in a brown stew bursting with flavor. I'd say that sounds quite divine. Here's the recipe, I do hope you enjoy.


2 Beef Clods 0.310 kg

3 tbsp Green Seasoning

1 tsp Salt

1/2 tsp Black Pepper

2 medium Potatoes cubed

2 small Carrots sliced

2/3 cup Brown Sugar

1 medium Onion sliced

2 Pimento chopped

2 Garlic crushed and minced

1 cup chopped Celery

1 tsp Parsley flakes

1/2 tsp Chili flakes

6 cups water

3 tbsp Corn Starch

3 tbsp Water

Salt to taste


3 cups flour

1 cup water


●Slice beef clods into cubes and wash with lime/lemon or vinegar water, rinse and squeeze dry. Place in a dry bowl and season with green seasoning, black pepper and salt. set aside for 10-20 to marinate.

●To a large saucepan on high heat add brown sugar and allow to melt gradually. When all the sugar has melted stir to incorporate then again allow sugar to become caramel in color and foam.

●When sugar begins to foam and slightly darken from caramel to dark brown toss in beef and stir quickly, then add a cup of water again stir, place lid on saucepan and lower heat to medium cooking for 5 mins.

●To beef add potatoes and carrots and remaining water and cook for 15-20 mins or until potatoes have softened.

●While potatoes are cooking use flour and water to bring together dumplings by adding water gradually to the flour until you've created a shaggy dough. then knead for 2 mins until dough is firm and soft.

●Form dough into ball and cut into 8 pieces, knead each piece into a long roll and further breakdown into smaller pieces by cutting.

●Once potatoes have softened add dumplings to stew.

●Mix the 3 tbsp water with 3 tbsp cornstarch and add to stew mixing well and quickly add the remaining vegetables and spices.

●Cook on low heat for a further 10 mins allow to thicken then remove from heat and serve hot.

With some crusty bread and steamed veges maybe a light crisp fresh salad or even just by itself this one pot meal is perfect. However you choose to have this my main concern is always that you enjoy.

Thank you for joining me for another session of Food Therapy. See you soon ❤

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