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  • Terissa Skinner-Ballantyne

Geera Chicken & Roasted Sweet Pepper Kebabs

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

If you're a Trini and you have never had some type of geera then I'll have to revoke your citizenship. To geera in Trinibago slang just means to cook using Roasted Cumin or Geera Powder and a few aromatics to cook a type of meat or vegetable. It's normally cooked down really dry with lots of pepper and garlic and it is of course delicious. I like my twists, as you all know and Roasted Sweet Peppers are beautiful. The process of roasting enhances the sweetness of the peppers, adds a beautiful smoky flavor and of the course the colors are divine. So why not try this the next time you feel like preparing something a little different? Here's my recipe I do hope you enjoy.


2 medium Chicken Breasts 2 tbsps Green Seasoning 3 tsp Roasted Geera (Cumin) 1 tsp Salt 4 medium Sweet Peppers (red,green,orange,yellow)

4 leaves Chadon Beni chopped

1 medium Onion 2 cloves Garlic 2 tbsp Vegetable Oil 1 cup Water 1 pc Hot Pepper to taste 1 pk Bamboo Skewers Method ●Clean, debone and wash chicken breasts using vinegar or lime/lemon water. ●Cut breasts into small cubes, place in a medium mixing bowl and season with green seasoning, salt, 2 tbsp geera and mix. Cover and set aside to marinate. ●Wash and pat dry peppers and place directly on fire from stove you can use a wire rack over fire to roast peppers or place on the edge of fork/knife turning gradually to roast. Once 50% of pepper has blackened spots due to roasting remove from fire and set aside to cool. ●In medium sized saucepan or skillet on high heat place oil, once it's hot throw in geera powder, crushed garlic and pepper and mix for 30 secs or so careful not to burn. ●Add chicken breast and toss coating in geera powder add water stir then lower heat and cover with lid. ●Cook for 15 mins on low heat then remove lid, add chopped chadon beni, raise heat and allow 90% of water to reduce before you remove from heat and allow to cool. ●Slice onions and roasted peppers into chunks. Rinse Skewers and dry. Once Chicken has cooled begin placing pieces of peppers, onions and chunks of chicken on skewers in the uniformed pattern you desire. Feel free to reheat kebabs in the oven and then serve with desired dish or by itself. However you serve this plz do enjoy. Thanks for joining me for another session of Food Therapy and I hope to see you soon ❤

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