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  • Terissa Skinner-Ballantyne


Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Lovely egg noodles and vegetables soaking up the light, salty chicken broth with the beautiful flavor of the star anise shining through and backed up by hints of ginger and garlic is so amazingly good. What I have done is taken a traditional Asian style ginger and garlic broth and added a few elements to boost the health benefits and the end result is a bowlful of amazing smells and hearty flavors that is this twisty *chicken noodle soup*


4 - 5 pcs of Chicken Breast Bone

(or any bony pieces of chicken will door skip this part completely and purchase store bought chicken stock)

1 large chopped Onion

6 cloves crushed and chopped Garlic

2 tbsp crushed Ginger

2 cups chopped Pumpkin

2 tbsp Water

2 Star Anise

2 tbsp Soy Sauce

1 cup dried Bat Ears Fungus or Black Fungus (Soaked and plumped)

2 cups chopped Broccoli

1 med Carrot julienne

1 tsp White Pepper

1 pk Egg Noodles (360 g)

6 cups Water

2 tbsp Vegetable Oil

pickled Jalapeno (optional)

Red Pepper Flakes (optional)


●To a wide saucepan on medium heat add vegetable oil and heat for a few secs. Toss in chopped garlic, onion and ginger and saute until onion becomes translucent, add chicken and toss cooking for 2-3 mins. Add 6 cups of water to pan along with star anise. When broth begins to simmer add soy sauce and lower heat. Broth needs to be simmered for approximately 30mins.

●Place metal colander over simmering broth and place pumpkin to steam in colander, cover colander. Pumpkin needs to be steamed for approximately 10-15 mins.

●In another saucepan bring some water to a boil and place egg noodles in cooking for 6-7 minutes or until noodles are tender but not overly soft. Remove a cup of water from boiled noodles and set aside. Drain remaining water and set noodles aside.

●In wok or frying pan on high heat add 2 tbsp water once water begins forming bubbles toss in broccoli, carrots and bat ear fungus toss and lower heat and cover, let cook for approximately 10-15 mins (you can cook till veges have softened to desired texture i prefer a slight bite to my veges.)

●Using a metal strainer or small colander strain broth into mug or saucepan something heat resistant, pour back into the saucepan on a low heat.

●Remove steamed pumpkin from colander add to blender with noodle water and puree add stir into broth with white pepper and salt to taste.

●Remove veges from heat and add to bowl alongside noodles, top with jalapeno slices and red pepper flakes, ladle your steaming broth into your bowl.

NOTE : I am quite aware my toppings are spicy and might pack a power punch this is optional and can be replaced by green onion or sesame seeds or both however you choose to top i sure hope you enjoy.

Thanks for joining me for another session of Food Therapy and i do hope to see you soon ❤

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