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  • Terissa Skinner-Ballantyne

Kale & Red Jasmine Rice

I can only describe this rice as clean, refreshing and delicious. Red Jasmine Rice is most definitely one of my favorite whole grains because not only is it healthy but the smell and flavor is so delicious to me. I cook it as often as possible and while it cooks differently to parboiled white rice in both time, taste and bite, it's worth the wait and effort. This recipe was meant to be a healthy Yun fest and it truly didn't disappoint. It paired up well with my Spicy Lemon Chicken (recipe already uploaded). You can check it out after checking out this lovely recipe.


1 1/2 cups Red Jasmine Rice

3 cups Water

1 bunch Kale chopped

1 small Carrot diced

2 cloves Garlic minced

2 tbsp Olive Oil

Salt and pepper to taste


●Rinse rice thoroughly and then add to a medium saucepan with water.

●On med heat allow rice to gradually come to a boil and allow to cook for 50 mins add more water if necessary until rice has softened.

(Rice will always cook with a bite)

●Drain and rinse rice and set aside.

●To large skillet or saucepan on low heat add olive oil, then add garlic after oil is hot. Saute for a few seconds then add carrots and Kale and allow to cook for 5-7 min until Kale has considerably shrunken in size.

●Add rice to skillet, turn off heat and season with salt and black pepper.

●Mix well and serve hot with desired protein.

Thanks for joining me for another session of Food Therapy. Hope to see you soon❤

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