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Quinoa is a grain crop that is grown for its edible seeds. It is basically a seed and isn't technically a cereal grain. In other words it is a pseudo-cereal, which is prepared and eaten similarly to a grain.

In cooked quinoa you can find protein, fiber, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, folate, copper, iron, zinc, potassium, B1, B2, B6, B3 and vitamin E.

That breakdown in itself should be enough for you to go out and get you some of this amazing seed to try this recipe.


2 cups Quinoa

4 cups Water

1 med Sweet Pepper chopped

1 small Carrot grated

1 clove Garlic grated

1 Pimento chopped

2 tbsp Water

Salt and White Pepper to taste


●Add quinoa to a bowl and cover with water soaking for 15-30 mins. Strain and rinse.

●Add to a medium saucepan on a medium heat 4 cups water and quinoa and cover allowing to come to a boil. Cook for 15-20

●Do not uncover pot after cooking time turn off heat and allow to sit for 5 mins. When you uncover lid use fork and gently fluff then set aside.

●To a medium - large frying pan or wok on high heat add 2 tbsp water, when the water begins to bubble and steam toss in garlic and pimento and saute for several seconds.

●Add sweet pepper and carrots and saute for 3-5 mins before turning off heat and adding quinoa, salt and black pepper. Toss gently until all are properly incorporated and serve hot.

Thank you for joining another session of Food Therapy, i do hope to see you soon. ❤

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