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  • Terissa Skinner-Ballantyne


Updated: Apr 5, 2020

What's better than FRIES?????? Well the answer to that will be three different root crops with three different flavors and three different textures seasoned to perfection and served hot with dipping sauce. That my friends is what i have here.

I don't know anyone who doesn't like a good golden crispy potato fry. Me myself, i'm partial to sweet potato fries and recently after i roasted some beets i have fallen in love with the earthy sweet flavor so much that i knew creating this would be the next move. Here's my recipe and i do hope you enjoy.


3 medium Irish Potatoes (scrubbed and sliced with skin to desired size)

1 large Sweet Potato (scrubbed and sliced with skin to desired size)

1 large Beet (scrubbed and sliced with skin to desired size)

1 tsp Salt

3 tbsp Parsley

3 tbsp Garlic

6 tbsp Olive Oil or Vegetable Oil


●Place sliced potatoes, beets and sweet potatoes in separate mixing bowls.

●To potatoes add 2 tbsp oil, 1 tbsp garlic powder, 2 tbsp oil, 1 tbsp dried parsley and 1 tsp salt, To beet root slices add 2 tbsp oil, 1 tbsp garlic powder and 1 tbsp dried parsley and to sweet potato slices add 1 tbsp garlic powder and 1 tbsp dried parsley mix until everything is well coated and place each on a well greased individual baking tray to ensure slices are evenly spread out on tray.

●Bake at 300° in preheated oven the beet root and sweet potato slice for 15-20 mins or until soft and the Irish potato slices for 30 mins (once sliced thinly) or until golden brown.

●Remove from oven and drizzle beets and sweet potato with a pinch of salt and serve hot with your favorite dipping sauce but most importantly enjoy!

Thank you for joining me for another session of Food Therapy and i hope to see you soon❤

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