Curried Mango

Mangoes are to the Caribbean what apples are to places like Canada or America. They are a seasonal fruit that can be enjoyed in many, many, many delightful ways from anchar, chow, chutney or just ripened and eaten with juices running down your hands in messy joy. Curried mango is a great snack on it's and an even better as a side. So it is with great pleasure that I share my recipe with you and I do hope you enjoy. Ingredients 4 medium Mangoes washed and chopped

5 tbsp Curry Powder

1/4 tsp Turmeric Powder

4 tbsp Oil

4 Cloves Garlic crushed and chopped

5 leaves Chadon Beni chopped

2 Pimentos chopped

1 tsp Salt

Hot pepper to taste

1/2 cup Sugar (Add more or less depending on the tartness of the mango) Method

●To a hot saucepan add oil, let heat up for a few secs the toss curry powder and turmeric stir and let cook for 30 secs then add garlic and pepper and mangoes toss Mangoes coating in curry and then add water till it cover the mango. Cover with lid and let simmer till it comes to a boil.

●When mixture begins boiling add salt and sugar stir and cover again for approximately 15 mins.

●When lid is removed the mango should be a bit soft the skin cooked through and some of the pulp dissolved in the water making the mixture thicker you then add pimento and chadon beni and stir.

●Do a taste test to determine sweetness if mango is still very tart add more sugar and pinch of salt to balance flavors.

●Allow to simmer for a further 5 mins and then remove from heat.

This is usually a side that is served cold or at room temperature, you can also enjoy as a snack and adjust the heat of the pepper etc to your liking. However you choose to have this please do enjoy.

Thanks for joining me for another session of Food Therapy and I hope to see you soon ❤

Curried Mango