Green Seasoning 

Caribbean cooking to me is like no other. Maybe it's due to the melting pot of cultures that have come together marrying flavors from here and there creating dishes that are unique and truly a festival to many a palate. The starting point to most Trinibago dishes would most certainly be the blend of herbs and sometimes spices that we use to kick-start our creations whether meat based or vegetarian. Most cooks have very specific ways of preparing their green seasonings and here is my special blend.


1 bundle celery
1 bundle chive
1 bundle shadon beni
5 sprigs spanish thyme
10 big leaf thyme
2 heads garlic
15 medium sized pimento
3 tablespoons chopped ginger
1 cup water (this amnt may vary according to desired texture)


Wash all herbs and chop roughly, peel garlic and ginger, wash and chop pimento and add to food processor or blender according to the desired consistency and blend until you have a paste or puree. Feel free to add more water if necessary while blending. Once finished you can store blend in clean containers and and freeze or store in your refrigerator.
Note: Adding vinegar to this makes it have a longer shelf life.

Green Seasoning