Mushrooms and Onions 

If you're a mushroom lover like myself then this recipe is definitely for you. Light, flavorful and a great accompaniment to any pasta, steak, fish or sandwich. Using a few awesome ingredients to create a virtual masterpiece is my thing for sure so I do hope you enjoy my recipe. Ingredients 1 lb. Baby portabella mushrooms (or any mushroom of your choosing really)
2 tbsp margarine 1 small onion 1 large clove of garlic 1 tsp fine thyme 1/2 tsp paprika Salt to taste


●Clean and slice mushrooms and onions. Crush and chop garlic.

●Melt margarine in pan and when it's hot add garlic and onion. When garlic and onion becomes fragrant and onion somewhat translucent add mushrooms.

●Add paprika and salt and toss. Leave to saute on low heat for 5mins and remove from heat.

●Add thyme and serve hot. My Mushroom and Onions shown here with my creamy Linguine and Bacon. Thanks for joining me for another Food Therapy session. See you soon ♥️

Mushrooms and Onions