Pumpkin Choka

Ok so this one isn't quite a choka but we don't discriminate around here, especially when its sweet orange pumpkin cooked just right. Get your roti ready for this one because it's another roti and choka pairing ready to be perfected and eaten of course. I hope you enjoy my recipe Ingredients 3 cups chopped Pumpkin 4 cloves crushed and chopped Garlic 2 tbsps White Sugar 2 leaves finely chopped Bandania (Shadon Beni) 1 small chopped Pimento 2 tbsps Oil 2 tbsp Water 1/4 tsp Salt


●Add oil to a wide saucepan on medium heat. When oil is hot toss in garlic and saute for 30 secs careful not to burn.

●Throw in pumpkin with garlic and mix, add water and mix again then cover and allow to cook for 10 mins.
(Pumpkin naturally has a lot of water so don't be surprised when you remove your lid and there's more water than you initially put in)

●Remove the lid and check the softness of the pumpkin with a fork if it can be crushed easily then use fork to crush all or potato masher and then add sugar and salt and allow water to reduce at a low heat.

●When the water is almost completely gone add chopped pimento and bandania mix and remove from the heat.

Serve your pumpkin choka with the roti of your choice or as a side to whichever dish you choose, whatever you have this with I sure hope you enjoy.

Thanks for joining me for another session of Food Therapy. See you soon ❤

Pumpkin Choka