Red Mango Jam

I have fond childhood memories of buying Red Mango Jam at the neighborhood shop at a time when a lot of our snacks were homemade delicious treats that we would often look forward to in high anticipation. This type of jam style mango is just another sweet notch on this beautiful fruit's belt because its easy to make and a definite hit when it comes to snack time. Here's my recipe.....enjoy. Ingredients 4 large chopped Mangoes

3 1/2 cups Brown Sugar

1 tsp Salt

2 sticks Cinnamon

4 Bay Leaves

1 tsp Clove Buds

1 pc Pepper to taste

5 tsp Red Food Coloring


●Add mangoes to a large sauce pan and cover with water. Add all other ingredients and stir ensuring everything is evenly distributed.

●Simmer for 40 mins or until the skin of the mango is red and mangoes begin falling apart and sauce begins to thicken. (Feel free to add more sugar if mango is still a bit tart)

●Remove from heat once the skin of the mango is soft and falling off the bone.

●Let cool and serve your delicious snack, most importantly enjoy.

Thanks for joining me for another session of Food Therapy. I hope to see you soon ❤

Red Mango Jam